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    Made me think of Poison Ivy, you could always add red to the under eye more for a night or party look.

    These Are the Products Used 

    Foundation-  Femme Couture Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation in Tan

    Primer-  Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Nude

    Eyeshadow Base- Femme Couture Smokin’ Eye Shadow Stick in Taupe

    Eyeshadow Full-lid- Bright Green Eye Shadow from Real Colors Everlasting Bright Palette

    Inner Corner- Olive Green Shadow from Palladio Green To Go Herbal Quad Palette

    Outer Corner- Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pigment Powder Blue Brown

    Creases- Dark Brown Palladio eyeshadow from Palladio Quad Palette Tantalizing Taupe

    Under Eye- Urban Decay Chase 

    Liner- Top Outer Corner- Palladio Eye Ink Dark Brown

    Waterline- Palladio Fifty-Fifty Smoky Kajal Liner Black

    Brows- Real Colors Hydra Brows Long-Wear Brow Wax Dip in Medium Brown

    Mascara- Palladio Lash Obessed Amped-Up Length & Volume Black

    Lips- Sephora Lip Pencil Culvert Copper

    Contacts- From Eos Bubble Green Contacts 




    Because it’s was good day (pix from over weekend)
    Shadow-lid Mac Cosmetics Pigment Rushmetal
    Creases- Urbandecay Cosmetics Deeper
    Lashes- Palladio Cosmetics Lash Obsessed Blackest Black
    Brows- Realcolors Cosmetics Hydra Brows long-wear brow gel Medium Brown
    Lips- base- The Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Lovecraft
    Lips- topped- Palladio Cosmetics Herbal tinted lip balm Naturally Bronze



    Full lid- urban decay cosmetics Slowburn
    Inner corner- urban decay cosmetics Chase
    Creases- urban decay cosmetics Deeper
    Outer Corner- urban decay cosmetics Midnight Rodeo
    Liner- sephora liquid liner Animal Instinct
    Undereye- the kat von d liner Fools Gold
    Waterline- palladio beauty eyeliner Black Onyx
    Mascara- palladio beauty Lash Obsessed Black
    Lips- femme couture liquid lipstick Drench in Nude


    Full lid- femme couture eternal color intense silky shadow Pyrite
    Creases- femme couture eternal color intense silky shadow Smoky Topaz
    Liner- palladio beauty liquid liner Lavender
    Undereye- nyc new york color wear proof waterproof eyeshadow cayon Rockefeller Center Snowflake
    Mascara- palladio beauty Lash Obsessed Black
    Lips- palladio beauty Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color Raw Silk