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    For many years I have wore contact lenses, mostly colored contacts and have ordered them from many different websites. Recently I have found a fabulous website that has many different color contacts . This website Pinky Paradise offers a whole assortment of Color Lenses and Effect Lenses.

    I found all the lenses to be a really good price, a lot better than all other website I have looked at. And when you order lenses each pair of Lenses comes with a cute animal contact case. I wanted to see how the contacts felt so I ordered two different pairs, in two different brands to test them out. At first I didn’t think the contacts were going to be comfortable because they are larger then regular contacts, but I found them to be every comfortable.


    Pair #1:

    Vassen Cloud Nine Violet (Lenses come in a Glass tube)


    Diameter :  14.5mm/15.0mm

    Base Curve: 8.6mm

    Water Content: 42%

    (The Animal case in Picture may not be the same case you get, It just happens to be the case I have my Vassen Cloud Nine Violet lenses in.)


    (What the Vassen Cloud Nine Violet look like on Dark Brown eyes)


    Close-up look



    Link to Vassen Cloud Nine Violet Lenses:

     Vassen Cloud Nine comes in 5 other colors: (and here are the links to those other colors)

    1. Vassen Cloud Nine Blue:
    2. Vassen Cloud Nine Pink:
    3.  Vassen Cloud Nine Gray:
    4.  Vassen Cloud Nine Brown:
    5. Vassen Cloud Nine Red:

    Pair #2:

    EOS Bubble Blue


    Diameter: 14.5mm

    Base Curve: 8.6mm

    Water Content: 38%


    And this is what they look like on Dark Brown eyes:





    Link to EOS Bubble Blue lenses:

    Th EOS Bubble Lenses comes in 5 other colors: (here are the links to those)

    1.  EOS Bubble Brown:
    2. EOS Bubble Green:
    3. EOS Bubble Gray:
    4.  EOS Bubble Pink:
    5. EOS Bubble Violet:

    So if you are in the market for some colored lenses I would check them out.

    Pinky Paradise Home page link:

    Pinky Paradise Black Friday Sale (11/29/13 to 12/5/13):