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    I’ve always liked the brand Real Colors, recently Real Colors added  6 new eyeshadow  palettes.  So I picked up two of them and have been using them for a few months on and off testing them out; the eyeshadows are high pigment shadows and feel like silky when you apply them. The shadows do better over a dry primer base, wet or oil primer bases make the shadow crease. 

    These are the two palettes I picked up:


    Price : $7.99

    Net Weight: 0.35 oz./10g

    Each Palette has a brush and mirror under the eye shadows, this is great for taken the palette to travel with. (I took the shadow out of the compact to show you the bottom, but on the right underside of compact there is a pull out drawer.)


    These is the Real Colors Aventure Nola Eye Shadow Palette: 


    Eye Shadow swatches: 


    (the eyeshadows don’t have names but here are my names for them)

    1. Bronzey Golden Brown 
    2. Cream Golden Pearl 
    3. Shimmery Teal 
    4. Dark Cranberry Red
    5. Deep Violet Amethyst

    Link to Real Colors Aventure Nola Eye Shadow Palette:,default,pd.html

    Real Colors Aventure Bal Harbour Eye Shadow Palette:




    •  6. Canary Yellow
    •  7. Plum Purple (the flash changed the color of shadow)
    • 8. Raspberry 
    • 9. Spring Green 
    • 10. Spring Bud Green

    Link to Real Colors Aventure Bal Harbour Palette:,default,pd.html

    Here are the links to the other 4 Real Colors Aventure Eye Shadow Palette:

    1. Real Colors Aventure Magnificent Mile Eye Shadow Palette:,default,pd.html?cgid=Cosm02
    2. Real ColorsAventure City of Angels Eye Shadow Palette:,default,pd.html
    3. Real Colors Aventure Music City Eye Shadow Palette:,default,pd.html
    4. Real Colors Aventure Empire Eye Shadow Palette:,default,pd.html