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    This look was made by using all Urban Decay 

    For the eye look I used Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment Palette 

    I love using this palette for looks, the pigments are so bright

    20140609_100525 (2)

    20140609_100457 (2)

    The main pigment I used was the Savage (bright pink) I applied from the inner corner of the eye to right pasted the middle of the eye

    From the Middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye I used Urban (Purple one) 

    In the creases of the eye I used Gonzo (light blue)

    To tie the Urban and Gonzo together I used Chaos (dark blue) 

    20140609_100628 (3)

    20140609_100455 (2)

    On the lips I used Urban Decay’s Super Saturated High Color Lip Color in Adrenaline

    20140609_100628 (2)

    Link to Urban Decay palette:’s-new/electric-pressed-pigment-palette/421.html

    Link to Lip Gloss:

    Link for Contacts:

    Just having a little fun with my makeup, now this look is not for every one. If you can’t deal with people looking at you and making comments, then don’t wear this look




    First thing I did was apply Blue eyeshadow to the middle of the eyelid, making just one stripe in the middle. Then on the left and right of the Blue stripe I applied Pink eyeshadow (use any Pink Hue you like).


    On the inner corner of the eye I applied Dark Silver Gray, blending it up and over the stripes of Pink and Blue Shadow. On the outer corners of the eyes I applied Black eyeshadow blending it up and in over the stripes of pink and blue shadow.