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    Really look this look, its great for a summer look the base eye shadow color is a Golden Cream shadow.

    On the Middle of the lid I applied a Rosey Gold eye shadow

    Finally in the creases of the eye I Blended in a Dark Purple Shadow 








    I really like using colors that most people wouldn’t use together, for this look i used bright Yellow and Blue eyeshadow. 

    Sun and Moon1

    Sun and Moon2

    I started by applying the bright yellow eyeshadow to the middle of the eye lid. You can make the bright Yellow band as wide or slim as you want. 

    On the outer corner and inner corner of the eye lid I applied the bright Blue eyeshadow, slowly blending it in to the yellow. 

    Sun and Moon3

    Sun and Moon4

    If to much of the Blue gets into the Yellow reapply the Yellow eyeshadow and blend the yellow into the Blue. 

    Make sure to only bring the eyeshadow from the eyelashes to the crease of the eyes. To make the look flow take a nude colored eyeshadow and apply it from your eyebrows down to the creases of eyes to meet the colored eyeshadow.

    Sun and Moon5

    To blended the nude brow eyeshadow with the colors eyeshadow so the it looks like it flows I applied a Brownie Gold eyeshadow, from the outer crease of the eye to about half way up the crease of the eye.

    To finish look I applied a Gold eyeshadow to the bottom of the eye and a Jet Black eyeliner to the waterline of the eye. On the lashes I used a Jet Black mascara .

    Sun and Moon6

    Sun and Moon7