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    This look was made by using all Urban Decay 

    For the eye look I used Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment Palette 

    I love using this palette for looks, the pigments are so bright

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    The main pigment I used was the Savage (bright pink) I applied from the inner corner of the eye to right pasted the middle of the eye

    From the Middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye I used Urban (Purple one) 

    In the creases of the eye I used Gonzo (light blue)

    To tie the Urban and Gonzo together I used Chaos (dark blue) 

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    On the lips I used Urban Decay’s Super Saturated High Color Lip Color in Adrenaline

    20140609_100628 (2)

    Link to Urban Decay palette:’s-new/electric-pressed-pigment-palette/421.html

    Link to Lip Gloss:

    Link for Contacts:

    Really look this look, its great for a summer look the base eye shadow color is a Golden Cream shadow.

    On the Middle of the lid I applied a Rosey Gold eye shadow

    Finally in the creases of the eye I Blended in a Dark Purple Shadow 








    I’ve been trying to keep my makeup look every simple, quick and easy. Because lets be real not every one has lot of time to do makeup before going out the door.  Only used two eyeshadow colors Pink and Black.



    I applied Pink eyeshadow to the whole of the eyelid, on the outer corner I blended Black eyeshadow into the Pink eyeshadow to define the corner of the eyes.